We are doing well. But you are even doing better as we conjure up delicious meals from two of the world’s best cuisines:

Björn and Takeshi love to cook for you, blending Japanese and French cuisine! The two passionate chefs have so far enriched some of Frankfurt’s most renowned restaurants: Utage, Tigerpalast, Schaumahl, Ivory Club, Franziska und the Restaurant Aubergine.
At IIMORI KAISEKI, Björn and Takeshi bring together their passion for haute cuisine and conjure up classic and unusual creations from Japanese and French cuisine.

We provide a culinary home for KAISEKI, the Japanese version of upscale cooking, right in the middle of the banking district. And in keeping with the international flair of Frankfurt, we combine KAISEKI with French culinary art. The result is a perfect fusion of two exquisite cuisines!

I learned a lot  from the Japanese about what is important in top cuisine.  French haute cuisine is the perfect culinary match. (Björn Andreas)

Frankfurt, one of the most exciting international cities, offers a wonderful opportunity to bring together two world cuisines — French and Japanese. (Takeshi Suzuki)

Björn and Takeshi invite you to let your senses wander through our open kitchen.


means “Cha Kaiseki (茶懐石)”.

This is a light originally vegetarian meal that accompanies the Japanese tea ceremony. „Kaiseki-ryori“ or „Kaiseki (会席)“, on the other hand, is a high-quality multi-course menu.
KAISEKI stands for harmony, balance and full appreciation of the moment. And this is exactly what we want to realize for our guests: A very special, valuable and harmonious moment, a culinary highlight in a convivial atmosphere, which enchants everyday life.


Look forward to all the delicacies that we serve you with all our heart!

The selection of the creations that we put together for you changes monthly and depends on the availability of seasonal ingredients.
Here is an extract from our menu suggestion:

>>Kaiseki Menu  (English) Coming soon!

>>Kaiseki メニュー(日本語)Coming soon!

A warm and delicious welcome!