“We are family! My employees and my guests are part of my family. I love being a hostess. You are very welcome!” Azko Iimori

A matter dear to Azko’s heart is SAKURA, a Japanese tradition centered around the cherry blossom that represents a unique approach to life: Celebrate each day as the dawn of something new! When “Hanami”, Japan’s fifth season,  begins the country is all topsy-turvy. Starting in mid-March, cherry blossoms adorn just about everything: tempting sweets, lush window displays, and beautiful kimonos.

SAKURA— translated as the joy of hospitality and the cheerful connection to all guests — in other words, a great joy of living and cooking. That is exactly what the IIMORI KAISEKI team is all about.

The epitome of perfect beauty, the cherry blossom is a sign of new beginnings and the dawn of the warm season. A sign of genuine anticipation. The intensity and vibrancy of the blossoms represent the optimism of believing in a great future. And they stand for joy and friendship: In 1912, Japan gave 3,000 cherry trees to the USA — as a token of solidarity.

Great anticipation is what  we would like to awaken in Azko’s guests already when they reserve one of the few tables at IIMORI KAISEKI:

“It’s like booking a trip and looking forward to something very special, to what’s coming, to the taste, to the people, the tranquility and the atmosphere.”

The small, family restaurant exudes a special harmony of space that makes everyone feel at home.
We want to offer our guests  the opportunity to feel and be treated as part of the Iimori family through attention, friendliness and perfect hospitality. IIMORI KAISEKI will be pleased to offer you a familiar place of culinary delights.

Following the meditative Zen Buddhism that allows for relaxation, we would like to offer our guests space for complete tranquility and enjoyment.
We would like to invite our guests to relax, let themselves go, enjoy high-quality culinary delicacies and spend a few wonderful, delightful hours.

A warm and delicious welcome!